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PC Privacy Protection 2.6


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Description of
PC Privacy Protection
PC Privacy Protection protects your privacy online. Get rid of all the unwanted data to keep you secure. Constantly erase browser cookies. Its option of automatic cleaning can save a lot of your free time. You have full control over wash cycles.

Normally working on your computer can leave 'footmarks' that can be found later by someone else and used against you. These footmarks also consume your disk space and affect the performance of your PC. Try the Privacy Provider on your PC: this program will find and get rid of all those annoying footprints.

Several shredding methods, including the 5220.22-M that is used by the Defense Department are featured by Privacy Provider. Let the new astonishing technology get rid of all the activity traces you leave in your computer. By just one mouse click you can order Privacy Provider to erase all your footprints and protect your privacy, increase your disk space capacity and restore the computer's performance.

Privacy provider can wipe :

* Address Bar History
* Browser Cache
* Visited Sites History
* Cookies
* Autocomplete Data
* Documents History *Recycle Bin
* Run History
* Search/Find History
* Windows Temp
* Error Checking Temp
* Click History
* Order History
* Swap File
* Temp Folder
* Clipboard
* MS Paint
* MS Wordpad
* Media Player History List

and more...
Windows XP
PC Privacy Protection
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Author: PC Privacy Protection
License: Shareware
Price: $29.95
File Size: 2.2 MB
Downloads: 24

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